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You may repair your door by replacing parts where the cost is effective. Many times, the repair is not worth the expense compared to purchasing a new door. A new door also adds value and curb appeal to your home. If the door professional is telling you that the door is inoperable, then we highly recommend buying a new complete door.

We highly recommend against it. Torsion springs can be extremely dangerous due to the high tension they are under. When adjusting these springs, one needs special tools called “winding bars”, and even with the right tool, springs are still very dangerous. We recommend you use a professional for your safety.

There are many parts that go to a garage door making it highly technical. Installing springs can be particularly dangerous and proper installation is vital to the performance of your door. While it may take a homeowner all day to install a door, a professional can install the garage door within a few hours, and if installed incorrectly, the warranties can be voided.

If you live in an area that is prone to strong winds, especially hurricanes, you will need a garage door that is engineered to meet building code requirements. Your installer can determine the appropriate wind load for your area.

If you are an installing garage door company or construction business- yes. However, we do not sell certain items or complete new doors to homeowners unless you run through an authorized company. If you do not have an installation company to use, we are more than willing to refer you to some qualified installers. Give us a phone call for a referral.